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UNB Varsity Reds
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Rewarding hard work.
I didn't have to take on as much debt and it was also nice to know someone noticed my hard work and wanted to reward it.
- Patrick A. Thebeau, BSSWE '11, Gogii Games Scholarship
Making education possible.
This bursary couldn't have been more perfectly timed. Just when we needed help the most, there it was.
- Tanziha N. Mowreen, BBA '11, Dr. Colin B. Mackay Bursary
Honouring someone's memory.
It's not just about my achievements; it's about carrying on his memory.
- Laura McDaniel LLB '13, Tore Martin Grude Scholarship
Giving time for studies.
Before I received this scholarship, I was in school full-time and working 25 hours a week just to get by.
- Phillip S. Vautour BA '14, NB Society of Retired Teachers, Saint John Branch Scholarship
Making it possible
I pay $13,000 in tuition and fees as an international student so every bit of support means a great deal.
- Tiffany Siew BBA '12, Shaila Bari Memorial Scholarship
Well rounded
Staying active and being involved in sports helps keep me balanced in a demanding program like Nursing.
- Christopher B. Sullivan BN '13, Margaret Benoit Ayerst IODE Memorial Nurses. Scholarship
Helping others
I like being involved because I get to help people.
- Kayla Richard BSc '11, Joseph A. and Kathleen A. Flanagan Memorial Scholarship
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